President's Newsletter

President's Message June 2020

Dear U3A Members,

These times have been very frustrating for all of us. We had anticipated that we could all resume our social activities at the Rosny Library for the third term of this year. However, the Library had not released a time table for allowing us to resume the use of their meeting rooms. We do not feature on their ‘Roadmap to Reopening’ and they have indicated that due to public health guidelines, our rooms will not be available for some time.

Because of the position taken by the library, the committee has now decided that our U3A program will be cancelled for the rest of the year.

However, we recognise the need of our members for social contact during this time and have suggested that we explore other activities that we, as a dynamic U3A, can still enjoy for the balance of the year and which does not involve the library. The activities that we suggest members consider include lunch or morning tea groups, walking groups, swimming groups, social golf groups, even groups to go to the picture theatres. These are just some suggestions and will need someone to coordinate each one. They could also be an established group like languages or writing that can continue the planned activities at a new location. Our Course Programmer, Carol Rossendell will be most willing to help get your favourite group activity started.

If these alternate activities prove to be successful then we can even include them in future U3A programs.

So come on members, let’s not wait for the library to open their rooms, let’s get out there and keep in touch with our friends in a social setting.

But always be safe and follow the guidelines.

Yours sincerely,

Len Spaans 

President, U3A Clarence