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U3A Clarence is a cooperative learning community for retired and semi-retired people, run by volunteers on a non-profit basis.  While there are no age limits, its courses attract the over 50s.  It was founded in 1993 and now has about 350 members.

We have something for everyone

Get Moving!

Whether it be dancing or Tai Chi.  Fluid movement can help reduce tension of the body and mind.  It can also be a lot of fun too.

Painting Classes

Awaken your inner Picasso!  Beginners and intermediate course on painting and sketching are available now.

Our Stories

Discover the writer within.  Read and Listen to new contributions from members.  Share thoughts and ideas with like minded individuals.


Join us to learn more about celestial space, our bodies, mind and matter.

President’s Welcome Message

The University of the Third Age Clarence (U3AClarence) has been providing quality courses and activities for the residents of Clarence and beyond for 25 Years.

The original concept of U3A was to extend the intellectual learning life of older individuals. U3A Clarence does this and more with a varied program of lectures and other activities.

There are no defined age requirements but is usually most suitable for those 50 to 55 and older. Some of our members are over 80 and still enjoy interesting activities with like minded people in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Unlike universities for the young there are no exams and no previous knowledge of the subject matter is required. All are welcome regardless of educational level, past occupations, and backgrounds.

There no competitive components, except perhaps in Mah-jong and chess. We get together to exercise our minds and bodies at entirely our own pace, with co-operative and mutually supportive other members.

Our varied activities cover lectures and discussion groups on geography, science, history, art and issues of topical interest. For our physical wellbeing we have Tai Chi, circle dancing, yoga and line dancing. During the year we also organise social activities such as a trivia afternoon and visits to places of interest.

Rosny Library (LINC) is our meeting place which is well appointed, warm and convenient. We are run entirely by volunteer members which is why we can keep our annual subscription to $45 to cover essentials. Subscription and enrolment forms are available on other pages of this website.

Our current program is now available and is as varied as usual. I am sure there is something of interest for both our long term members and newcomers.

New members receive a warm and comfortable welcome. You may choose to simply attend the sessions you are interested in. But we hope you will join us for morning tea in Room 6 at 10.30 am.

I look forward to meeting you soon

Jocelyn Head

Honorary President U3A Clarence

June 2018

President’s Message June 2018
Old Age is the most unexpected thing that can happen to anyone

This is so true.  I was at a family gathering recently and was amazed that the little tots I remember are now handsome and beautiful teenagers. How did that happen?  I used to feel sorry for my grandparents sitting quietly in a corner and seemingly missing out on all the chat.  Now I really enjoy sitting in the corner and keeping an eye on all the activity.

When I married I could not imagine being 30 let alone over 70.  We just cannot comprehend that this will happens.  All of us look at our friends or partners and the mirror and are amazed at the changes which have crept over us all.   However, no one told me that it is possible to enjoy older age so much.  Of course we are a bit creaky but we can truly enjoy a new baby’s laughter and a toddler’s unfailing energy at play.  We fully appreciate the passing seasons and the beautiful views we have in Tasmania.

As teenagers we worried about personal characteristics we considered as shortcomings without realizing our young perfection.  Now I understand that my friends with their experience imprinted faces are truly beautiful.  Teenagers and babies are exquisitely ravishing beyond description.

Another advantage is that people help you.  At 50 we become invisible (women especially) in queues.  Now as elders we often receive attention and help.

Don’t give up your dreams
Just sleep longer


TMAG Outings
We have arranged two conducted tours of TMAG’s special collections. I can recommend their café for morning tea and they have fabulous sandwiches.  There will be booking sheets for names and more details on the notice board in Room 6.  Cost is $5.
Thursday July 5th 10.30 to 11.30        Colonial History Galleries
Thursday July 19th10.30 to 11.30       Tasmanian Earth and Life, Thylacine, Islands to Ice
As a coincidence, there is also a special exhibition of the work of Lola Green, the first Aboriginal to be named a National Living Treasure.  She is a shell necklace artist and exhibits the traditional art of indigenous women of Tasmania’s Flinders Island and Cape Barren.  Well worth a diversion at the end of your tour.
Quiz afternoon
Thursday August 9 at the Howrah Recreational Centre 1-3pm.  This is always a fun event and a pleasant afternoon tea. Cost will still be $10.
Anniversary Booklet
Proudly supported by Clarence City Council’s Community Grants Scheme

Clarence City Council has given us a generous Community Grant to offset some of the costs of publication of our Anniversary Booklet.  This will allow us to sell the booklet for $10.
You have until 30 June to submit your pithy paragraph, pertinent poem or piece of punchy prose to be included.  Email contributions to Patricia Corby   A box for entries is on the table in room 6.  Details are on our notice board in room 6.

Regular Bulletin

U3A News from around the State

U3A State-wide meetings are held around every 6 months and with invitations to all current U3A groups to attend. The meetings are in Campbell Town, the last on March 1st, 2017 and attended by myself and Carol Rossendel representing Clarence.

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Our Photo Albums

Some stories from our writers

The Nobel Peace Prize

MY nominee For The NOBEL PEACE PRIZE The person, whom within MY lifetime, has done more for Peace and the preservation of good Literature in my lounge room, is the inventor of the MUTE BUTTON. Eugene Polley of the Zenith Radio Corporation is credited with creating the...

Looking Back

Looking back from 20 years in the future You are only 5 minutes late, don't get so bothered about a little delay. I can remember when people had to line up for hours just to get on one of those big cramped, noisy aeroplanes in order to go from Hobart to Sydney. Then...

Where the Wind Comes From A storey for Fia A little girl named Fia sat watching the leaves being swirled in the air by a Dust Devil when her Grandfather came and sat beside her. "you look very thoughtful, what are you thinking about?", asked the old man. "Where does...

Animals in my Garden

Hello to the Animals in my Garden I am sitting in my small secluded back garden, the air around me is redolent with the perfume of roses, the trees and shrubs sway in a light breeze. I am watching the tiny silvereye birds joyfully playing in a terracotta bird-bath...

Borders of Sleep

I have come to the borders of sleep, Yet my eyes will not close. I am wondering why. Was it what I ate tonight? I’m wondering. Or the wine that I drank; Or perhaps the heat of the day Which has continued till now. I’m wondering. Why? Is it the warmth of the body Now...

Waste, ain’t it!

“Mum, Mum, wait till you see this!” The girl was hard to see in the darkness: a vague silhouette, slithering over piles of rotting rubbish, fruit, vegetables and other unsold and out-of-date foodstuff. Behind the shopping centre a yard was enclosed by a brick wall,...

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