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Tina drove up the dirt track of her late grandparent’s farm road to the main house, in her old battered car, with her child on the back seat.

It was very late in the evening and they were tired and very hungry.

Tina had been left the farm in her grandparent’s will as they knew she liked being there as a child growing up.

Tina had walked through the house trying to remember the smells and the memories, when she came across the playroom with all the old fashion toys, and story books that were there. Sitting in the corner of the room was her favourite toy the black rocking horse that had been very much part of her child hood. She tried to remember what she called him but she couldn’t. But she did remember nearly all the fun she had riding it, pretending that she was a jockey and was riding in the Melbourne Cup or she was competing in the Olympics as a three day event rider.

She also tried to remember all the stories that her grand mother had told her about her child hood as well. Pretending to ride like the nursery rhyme the lady from Baneberry Cross, The Saddle Club adventures she would also make up her own adventures, while riding the rocking horse. Tina did have a great deal of fun on this rocking horse while she was growing up here on the farm, and now her daughter can have just as much fun on the moth eaten black rocking horse with its bright red saddle and bridle with its white mane and tail.

One of the stories that she remembered was that of her grandmother riding the rocking horse as Lady Godiva through the village with long blonde hair and shocking every body. Also the story of how her grandmother pretended to be Queen Victoria out riding and all the toys were her subjects. Another story she remembered was of how her grandmother dressed up as a man soldier and pretended to go off to the WW1, riding off into the sunset after the enemy. Her grandmother told her the history of the old rocking horse but unfortunately Tina could not remember any of the at the moment hopefully they will all come back to her, over time as she would like to write a story about the horse and all its adventures it had over the years.