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I had Red Delicious apple
with which my teeth were forced to grapple.
Picked early, it was tough,
Made my temper very rough,
Because, then, I felt my teeth might snapple.

Apple - Vengeance

The perfection of Eden,
Defied the prospect of leavin'.

So the apple and Eve,
Is hard to believe.

Also, the apple of Adam,
Seems more like a madman.

The snake and this pair,
Make a peculiar affair.

And God as in Genesis,
Acted much like their nemesis.

I'd prefer to be an apple
Than a porky porcupine,
So I wouldn't be so pestered
By some porky valentine.

By just being a big red apple,
I'd accomodate some warm and happy bug.
Who'd deter all these who'd eat me
With a sharp decisive - "Ugh!"

In a symbiotic friendship
He'd snuggle up inside, my buggy valentine
And be my good protector
Until the end of time.