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Code of Conduct




U3A Clarence Inc is a cooperative learning community for retired and semi-retired people, run by volunteers on a non-profit basis. It is a self-funded, member-based organisation that aims to provide a quality service to its members and provide them with equal opportunity to participate in its programs and activities, in a safe and respectful environment.


The purpose of this policy is to document the Code of Conduct that applies to U3A Clarence members and the processes that will be followed when a breach of the Code is reported. Clarence U3A is committed to operating in accordance with this Code for the benefit and protection of our organisation and the personal rights of each member. It applies to all members, tutors and volunteers, and identifies their responsibilities to each other and to our organisation. It accords with the norms of social justice.


Membership of U3A Clarence carries with it an expectation of compliance with our Code of Conduct. We expect each member to behave in a courteous and civilised manner in every interaction with other members, tutors and volunteers. Any allegations of breaches of the Code of Conduct will be investigated promptly, confidentially, thoroughly and fairly. A confirmed breach of the Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action.  Every member of U3A Clarence is expected to

participate in U3A activities in a positive way and be respectful, courteous and considerate to one another, as well as to staff of the Rosny LINC and library users.

be ethical and honest in their dealings with other U3A members.

wear the lanyard containing their membership card to each session (i) to help one another learn or remember names, (ii) to ensure ready access to the emergency contact details recorded by each member on the reverse of his or her card, and (iii) as evidence of paid-up membership.

observe appropriate confidentiality in relation to any sensitive association matters and members’ personal or private information to which they may have access.

contribute to the safety and well-being of the organisation and its members by participating safely in activities and complying with reasonable directions from tutors or event organisers.

avoid any form of inappropriate, disruptive or intimidating behaviour that might breachthe rights of others to participate in U3A activities.

behave in ways that do not discriminate against or harass any other members, on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, age, culture, religion, sexuality or disability.

refrain from activities or comments that promote a personal business or cause, or that would place others in a vulnerable situation financially, mentally or physically.

promote U3A Clarence in a positive way, refraining from commentary or action that might irreparably damage the organisation’s reputation or relationships.

report actual or potentially unsafe situations or conduct to the President or Secretary.

abide by all U3A Clarence policies and procedures.

follow the U3A Clarence Grievance Policy and Procedure if dissatisfied, and abide by any decisions made as a result of that process.


Where a member believes they have been subject to conduct that is in breach of this Code of Conduct, the member may lodge a complaint with the President or Secretary. The Secretary will inform the President immediately.

If neither the President nor the Secretary is available, any member of the Committee of Management may be contacted.
The President will exercise discretion as to how any inquiry or disciplinary action will proceed. It will be handled in accordance with the U3A Clarence Grievance Policy and Procedure


The Committee of Management of U3A Clarence is responsible for
o establishing, implementing, publishing and reviewing this policy
o setting an example by their own behaviour
o ensuring the organisation’s practices and processes foster appropriate, acceptablebehaviour
o advising and requesting changes in behaviour, or warning and, if necessary, excluding a member from any or all classes should inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour occur
o ensuring breaches of the Code of Conduct are properly investigated and dealt with in accordance with the U3A Clarence Grievance Policy and Procedure.


The adoption of this Code of Conduct by the Committee of Management of U3A Clarence Inc was recorded in the minutes of the Committee meeting of 19 March 2018 and approved for publication on its website.

Policy Review Date: March 2021

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