Frequently Asked Questions

What is U3A about?

It’s about learning but not only that. From when we first started, it has been our policy to make U3A Clarence a friendly, welcoming place. The President or committee members are there to say hello as you come in. We all have name badges which make meeting people easier. There is a chance to meet, sit and chat at morning tea. There are several social events during the year.
We come to U3A to learn – but we come for friendship too.

Where and when is Morning Tea?

We have morning tea in Room 6 at 10.25am. Fifty cents for tea, coffee and a biscuit must be the best bargain ever. Committees have often discussed whether to put up the price to a more realistic figure, but have kept the original price. This is a vital part of our program where we make friends and find out what is going on in our organisation. Please come if you can.
In Week 10 we have special morning teas to thank our tutors and secretaries for their great work. Don’t miss them!

Are people able to visit?

A non-member of U3A Clarence is welcome to come to a class session as a visitor and experience U3A first hand. If you know a U3A Clarence member, ask to accompany them to a class. If you are a member of U3A Clarence, bring a friend. Because some classes have an upper size limit, it will be necessary to check beforehand that there is room.

What does it cost?

The membership fee paid at the beginning of the year (currently $45 per person) pays for the whole year. You do not have to pay again. You can pay on-line, in person or by ordinary mail. Detailed instructions are available in the Newsletter and elsewhere on this site. Receipts are available from the treasurer after term starts if you would like one. All our tutors are unpaid volunteers. A small levy to help with the cost of copying etc is charged in some classes. This is paid to the tutor early in the term.

 How do I enrol?

You can enrol on-line or by mail.
Detailed instructions are available in the Newsletter and elsewhere on this site.
You will be informed if your enrolment has been unsuccessful. If you don’t hear, you are in. Just turn up. 

How do I find out about courses?

Courses for Terms 2 and 3 are listed in the Newsletter at the end of the previous term. The Newsletter is emailed and available on-line at the beginning of Week 9 or available in Weeks 9 and 10 for collection in the Rosny Library foyer.  Those not collected are posted.
The Newsletter containing details of Term 1 courses is emailed or posted towards the end of January.

What about parking?

Parking is limited.
However, we are on a bus route and we encourage people to share cars where possible. There is parking in nearby side streets and at Eastlands.

How do I find out about other activities?

There are several ways to do this - from the President’s regular message which will be sent by email, displayed on this website and posted to those who do not have computer access; by being at morning tea; by checking the notice board.

Why should I wear my name tag?

As we enter the Rosny Library building before opening time, this is your identification.
Please write contact details for your next-of-kin on the back of your name tag and wear it at all times. We hope this information is not needed but it could be helpful in an emergency
If you need a new name tag, put your name on the list on the administration table and look for it there the next week.

Tutors wear green name tags and Committee Members wear gold.

 Who do I ask for help?

Any member of the committee (gold name tags) will be able to help or point you to someone who can.

It is not the responsibility of Rosny Library staff members to deal with questions from U3A members.

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