Colin passed some “FOR SALE” lists to us,
Two lists each – Don’t make a fuss,
Just write a piece – just make a choice
And when it’s your turn, speak in a clear voice.

$40 – blockout curtains, one pair, quality guaranteed,
Cream, with blue butterflies – is there a need?
If, at some time, you can’t get to sleep
You could count the blue butterflies instead of sheep.

A recliner exercise bike’s advertised –
Do you lie down to get fit? – What a surprise.
Only $350 – good condition to wit.
I think it’s much cheaper to garden to keep fit.

$75 ea. Now, here is an item that grabs my attention;
Two white cherry trees – does warrant a mention.
Bare-rooted or potted, spreading and weeping,
Must be collected – a thought for safe-keeping.

Here’s one that is helpful – sheep manure for sale,
$4 a bag – that’s more than ok.
In the suburb of Granton – seems a fair leap.
Would it be cheaper to purchase a sheep?

$50 – Wow! – There are 300 books – Romance and Mystery for sale.
The excitement of it all leaves me quite pale.
There is a dilemma, when all’s said and done,
Would I last long enough to read every one?