July 2018

President’s Message July 2018

Can you tell me where the delete winter button is? Jeanne Owens

As the dusk descends by about 5 pm on the shorter days it is time to turn on the heater, draw the curtains, put on as many clothes as possible (blow colour coordination) and curl up in a ball and hope to hibernate. It is the time for hearty broths and casseroles which are ignored in the summer (wonderful slow cooking). We can justify eating these substantial meals without guilt because we need the fuel. We always nibble more in the long boring evenings. We will worry about the new spare tire in the spring not now.

The shortest day is past and I am beginning to notice the lengthening of the days, which makes me feel more optimistic. The coldest month is August so there is a shortage of real comfort.

Wandering around the garden is a bit solemn except that the native plants come into flower. Is it my imagination that the wattle is blooming earlier each year? Cutting back the fuchsias seems a good idea and not too challenging.

My mind turns to the vegetable garden, very slowly and reluctantly. Shall I bother with pink eye potatoes this year? Have I cut back the perennial runner beans and sufficiently protected them from the frost? I need to plant strawberries again as I cleared the beds completely in autumn. What about tomatoes in October is it worth it when a neighbor grows plenty for a good price? Still it is lovely to eat tasty home grown. What about zucchini, always too much for us but nice to distribute them at 6 to 8 inches to friends and neighbours. I can do a great deal of gardening and feel quite virtuous without moving from my armchair.

Winter is also the time to look at cruise brochures to plan for the future without spending a penny (oops showing my age), moving from a chair or committing a fortune and, at the same time, quietly meditating on the wonderful trips we have made. The Freycinet Peninsular is perennially beautiful and when I think of it I am reminded of all the visiting friends and family we have taken there.

Perhaps I don’t hate winter as much as I thought

I’m sorry for what I wore when I was cold


Trivia afternoon

We have arranged our traditional Trivia Quiz afternoon on Thursday August 9 at the Howrah Recreational Centre 1-3pm. This is always a fun event with a pleasant afternoon tea. Cost will still be $10.

25 Anniversary Celebration

Please register for this event soon and before 31 August, because we have a final date to advise Blundstone of numbers. In response to queries I have received I have a short notice of advice about details on the next page for those going.

I also list on the next page some forthcoming events which you may be interested in.



Interesting events for your action

UTAS Open Day Sunday August 5th 10 am to 3pm. 17, Liverpool Street.

The UTAS Medical Science Precinct will be open to the public and will have activities to showcase medical research and technology

Festival of Bright Ideas Saturday August 18th 10 am to 5 pm. Princes Wharf 1, Hobart.

Menzies will be at Tasmania’ largest science engagement festival. Come and chat with the PhD students to learn something new and surprising about the Human body.

2018 Menzies Debate Thursday September 13th UTAS Medical precinct. 5.30 for nibbles and drinks. Debate 6 to 7.30pm


Six expert speakers all kept in line by the funny and irreverent Bernie Hobbs from ABC Science. You get to vote on the outcome.

Information and registration at Menzies Facebook page, www.menzies.uta.edu.au or reception desk 6226-7700

25th Anniversary Reminders


Seating will not be allocated. If you want to make up a group, make sure you get there early and delegate one of your group to select the table.

I think it is good to use these events to get to know new people or to catch up with others you have shared lectures with in the past but have not seen for a while.


Parking around Blundstone Arena can be a problem on a busy day so try to get there early. Drop off your passengers if necessary and park a little further away.

Arrival Time

9.30 Unless you are one of the set up crew. There is under cover waiting area at Blundstone’s Arena so you can be safe from bad weather should you arrive too early.


Buses will leave Rosny at 9.15am and Depart from Blundstone Arena at 3.30 pm.

Payment for non Members

I have been asked if it is possible for non members to pay on the day. This is not possible because we have to let Blundstone’s know the final numbers before then.

The online registration form has information regarding electronic payment. Cheques should be payable to U3A Clarence and posted to Box 774, Rosny Park 7018. Cash will be accepted in an envelope clearly marked with the amount ($35 per person), the name of the person attending and their contact details.

Final Point Make sure you enjoy the day.