U3A Clarence

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 213M11   Clarence History    Room Three+Four   13/09/2021  Mon   9:30   WKLY  
 213M12   Learn to Play Cribbage    Room Seven   13/09/2021  Mon   9:30   WKLY  
 213M13   Painting    Room Five   13/09/2021  Mon   9:30   WKLY  
 213M14   Seven Habits of Effective New Age People    Room Six   13/09/2021  Mon   9:30   WKLY  
 213M21   Digital Drop-in    Room Three   13/09/2021  Mon   10:45   WKLY  
 213M22   Trivia    Room Four   13/09/2021  Mon   10:45   WKLY  
 213M23   Painting    Room Five   13/09/2021  Mon   10:45   WKLY  
 213M24   Line Dancing    Room Six   13/09/2021  Mon   10:45   WKLY  
 213M25   The Writers    Room Seven   13/09/2021  Mon   10:45   WKLY  
 213M31   Chair Yoga    Room Three   13/09/2021  Mon   12:00   WKLY  
 213M32   Poetry Reading    Room Four   13/09/2021  Mon   12:00   WKLY  
 213M33   French for Beginners    Room Five   13/09/2021  Mon   12:00   WKLY  
 213M34   Singalong    Room Six   13/09/2021  Mon   12:00   WKLY  
 213M35   German Conversation    Room Seven   13/09/2021  Mon   12:00   WKLY  
 213W11   Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics    Room Three   15/09/2021  Wed   9:30   WKLY  
 213W12   Measuring Time from the Stone Age to Now    Room Six   22/09/2021  Wed   9:30   WKLY  
 213W13   Mah Jong    Room Seven   15/09/2021  Wed   9:30   WKLY  
 213W21   Odd Bods and Sods    Room Three   15/09/2021  Wed   10:45   WKLY  
 213W22   Game Time    Room Five   15/09/2021  Wed   10:45   WKLY  
 213W23   French Club    Room Four   15/09/2021  Wed   10:45   WKLY  
 213W24   Tai Chi    Room Six   15/09/2021  Wed   10:45   WKLY  
 213W25   Mah Jong    Room Seven   15/09/2021  Wed   10:45   WKLY  
 213W31   Spanish    Room Three   15/09/2021  Wed   12:00   WKLY  
 213W32   Chess    Room Five   15/09/2021  Wed   12:00   WKLY  
 213W33   Line Dancing    None   15/09/2021  Wed   12:00   WKLY  
 213W34   Play Reading    Room Seven   15/09/2021  Wed   12:00   WKLY