Get Moving

Lets Get Moving!

Not all of our courses involve sitting around, we are in fact a very active lot!

From various dancing styles to tai chi, we offer a variety of ways to keep your limbs moving and your blood pumping.


Courses in Movement


Circle Dancing - Krista Sands

Easy to somewhat more challenging dances from various cultures. Good gentle exercise that builds grey matter and grace.

Line Dancing - Bev Chandler

This is a class of fun, using your mind and body and just enjoying yourself while learning how to dance.
Cowboy hats and boots are not necessary.

Bev Chandler (Beginners)
Class Limit 24

Tai Chi - Eileen Levett (Monday), Self Directed (Wednesday)

Tai Chi is an effective art form that has been proven to strengthen both body and mind, and is considered suitable for anyone of any age.

Class limit 14 on Monday, 20 on Wednesday.
Levy $2

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