We welcome new Committee members this term.  Len Spaans is the newly elected President.  Please also welcome Jean Grosse on the committee.

The 2020 committee is:

Jean GrosseCommittee MemberJocelyn HeadCommittee Member

Len Spaans President
Rob Thomas Vice President
Sue Storr Secretary
Terry Mahoney Treasurer
Carol Rossendell Programmer
Mary Bolton Pastoral care and Liaison
Margaret Collis Enrolments
Beth Jeffrey Committee member
Jean Grosse Committee member
Jocelyn Head Committee member

As usual we intend to hold our Trivia afternoon in the second term around July/August.
Social Activities

(We hope to organise an outing this term and would appreciate any suggestions from members.)  

We also have a recital by Frances.  The date is to be advised.

New Members

Please welcome all members and especially those with red dots on their name tags indicting they are new. We may be senior in years but can still be a little shy when facing a group of new people in unfamiliar surroundings.


We have had problems with sending emailed messages to members.  If you feel you are missing out please go to our website     All Newsletters and  messages are posted on the site.

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