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U3A Clarence is a cooperative learning community for retired and semi-retired people, run by volunteers on a non-profit basis.  While there are no age limits, its courses attract the over 50s.  It was founded in 1993 and now has about 350 members.

We have something for everyone

Get Moving!

Whether it be dancing or Tai Chi.  Fluid movement can help reduce tension of the body and mind.  It can also be a lot of fun too.

Painting Classes

Awaken your inner Picasso!  Beginners and intermediate course on painting and sketching are available now.

Our Stories

Discover the writer within.  Read and Listen to new contributions from members.  Share thoughts and ideas with like minded individuals.


Join us to learn more about celestial space, our bodies, mind and matter.

Our President’s Latest Message

President’s Message August 2017


Update to Members – August 2017

The original concept of U3A was to extend the intellectual learning life of older individuals.  U3A Clarence does indeed provide intellectual stimulation with a varied program of lectures.

There are no defined age requirements but is usually for those 50 to 55 and older.  All are welcome regardless of interests and backgrounds.

Like other universities we also enjoy social activities, art and physical exercise sessions. Unlike universities for the young there are no exams.  Nor are there any competitive components, except perhaps in Mah-jong.  We get together to exercise our minds and bodies at entirely our own pace, just cooperation, enjoyment and mutual support.

Our varied activities cover lectures and discussion groups on geography, science, history, art and issues of topical interest.

For our physical wellbeing we have Tai Chi, line dancing and art and language courses.

As we enter spring and the days grow longer it is easier to take part in the activities of U3A Clarence.

Our autumn program is now available and is as varied as usual.  I am sure there is something of interest for both long term members and newcomers.

New members receive a warm and comfortable welcome.  You may choose to simply attend the sessions you are interested in.  But we hope you will join us for morning tea.

This term we look forward to a trip to Shene House for 5 October.  We will also be visiting the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) for a talk by their staff.  Finally we are looking forward to our end of year Christmas luncheon on 27 November.

So enrol in classes for stimulation and join us in meeting like-minded people in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Jocelyn Head

Regular Bulletin

Jane’s Blog Week 3, Term 1 2016

Here I am again with an update on our week. I love our town, don't you? Hence the photo. I do need to acknowledge the source though so here it is By JJ Harrison ( - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Already we are into week 3 of the term and things are...

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Some stories from our writers

The Dreaded Virus

Winter has arrived, folks, And with it comes the flu. As I'm its latest victim I'm perplexed at what to do. The doctors think they have the answer With a needle in the arm But I am here to tell you There is still cause for alarm! My head is splitting fit to crack My...

Waste, ain’t it!

"Mum, Mum, wait till you see this!" The girl was hard to see in the darkness: a vague silhouette, slithering over piles of rotting rubbish, fruit, vegetables and other unsold and out-of-date foodstuff. Behind the shopping centre a yard was enclosed by a brick wall,...

A Big Surprise

In 2003, I did a flight around the world. When I was in Beunos Aires I phoned my niece to let her know I would be arriving home on the following Friday. She asked what time and I said it would be about 8 pm. She then said, "Oh, that's bad luck. I'm flying out on...

A Leap of Faith

She should have done it years ago.She pictured in her mind the "Leap of Faith" it required to perform such a task. Was it really a task? It seemed like she would require a natural trust in nature as well as a leap to freedom. Could she do it? Remembering the times she...


This child sleeping in the night The scene is set, the stage is lit, the actors ready; the baby boy is real, quiet and still. The music plays, the angels sing, the cameras roll. Do you see what I see? Mary tries really hard not to drop her new baby. But he's getting...


She was a remarkable character: odd in lots of ways. We met her on holiday, not just casually; no, she spent two weeks with us as we travelled by bus to central Australia. Every day we said, "Hallo Rosie. How are you today?" Every evening we had dinner together at our...

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