President's Message January 2020

As we enter 2020 I am astonished.  I am only just getting used to the fact that the 21 Century has arrived and now 20 years have passed by.  Not where has the past year gone to? But how have the last 20 years slipped past?

This time of year is also one of remembering, which can be both comforting and sad.  I was lucky I had wonderful Christmases as a child and remember the excitement of anticipation, helping my mother with Christmas decorations and present wrapping.  Also I remember my joy at preparing Christmas for my similarly excited children.  Now we do not have little ones near us to celebrate with part of the shine has gone.  Still - sitting on our patio with a cup of coffee or a good red I can enjoy the memories and remember members of my family and friends  no longer with me.  I forget their foibles and just have warm memories of the good times.

Personally, my efforts in late 2019 have borne fruit.  I am now enjoying potatoes, beetroot, silver beet, zucchinis and runner beans.  They always seem to taste better when home grown, picked then taken straight to the pot or table.  The tomatoes are very slow though.  There is real benefit from growing our own vegetables; it reminds us that, as always, the seasons are refreshed each year, which makes me quite positive about time passing.

Recently we have had three falcons or small eagles in our garden.  They are a sheer joy to watch and we are amused at the antics of the native noisy minors trying to protect their patch and drive them off.  I think the falcons are young because they do not seem to have much success in hunting rabbits which are multiplying like, well, like rabbits. 

This Newsletter contains our program for 2020.  Thanks to the work of our Course Programmer Carol and our volunteer lecturers we have a full and exciting program for you.  As usual I am faced with the dilemma of choosing, there always seems to be more than I can possibly attend.

I would like to remind you of our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 19 February from 1.30 to 3.30 pm in room 6.  We will have a scrumptious afternoon tea and an interesting guest speaker.  Please join us for this important and essential activity to support the efforts of your Committee and other volunteers over the past year.

This is my last President’s message; my three years are up.  I will be continuing on the committee and enjoying your company in 2020.

Thank you all for your wonderful support and magnificent sense of humour during the last three years.  I appreciate it very much.

Jocelyn  Head

President, U3A Clarence