25 Years of Successful Learning

2018 has flown by even faster than usual. This is, in part, because we were busy planning for our 25th Anniversary Celebration. Many members contribute to our success always and this year the numbers have swollen as members supported the celebration in many varied ways.

We gratefully received a grant from the Clarence City Council Community Support Grant Scheme to offset some of the cost of publication of our booklet, In Celebration of Silver.

We have again enjoyed a varied and interesting program. Thanks to all the tutors and committee involved. We also appreciate all our members who attend and show us how much they relish our activities. I know we all gain a great deal and this makes U3A Clarence so worthwhile.

We are having our Christmas lunch on Monday 26th November at the Howrah Recreational Centre as usual and I am looking forward to that very much. Please join us for our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 20th February. The Program for term 1 2019 will be included in our next newsletter of Monday 21st January.

Now is the time to tackle Christmas. I can remember the pleasure and excitement of wrapping presents with my mother and making decorations with my brother as a child. Such fun! I must admit that I do much less shopping than I used to. Now my grandchildren are older I give them money because I cannot keep up with their fashions and interests so my presents disappoint. What little shopping I do, I do early because I can no longer face the crowded shops and the repetitive carols. Oops! I have turned into Ebenezer Scrooge!

I am looking forward to a more relaxing few weeks ahead. I have planted tomatoes and strawberries and my scarlet runner beans and pinkeye potatoes are coming up. I intend to get more time to work in the garden and nurture a bumper harvest. I am ever hopeful, despite past experience, that I will defeat the weeds, well, temporarily at least.

‘Take rest; a field that has rested gives a beautiful crop.’, Ovid

Best wishes of the season to all.

Jocelyn (President U3A Clarence)