President's Message Sept 2018

Finally my winter fat is gone. Now I have spring rolls.

In the winter we snuggle up, decline to go for healthy walks and in the longer evenings we are tempted to indulge in chocolates and lollies and other temptations which we would be too busy for in the warmer weather.

I usually make only a working cup of coffee to take with me into the garden or study to keep me on track. In the winter it is too tempting to have a biscuit as well even though I do not have a sweet tooth. Consequently I find my clothes have shrunk!

I am looking forward to warmer weather when a salad is the best bet and to longer days when I will be tempted into the garden for an extra half an hour rather than just drop in a chair in front of anything on the TV. If I try really hard perhaps I will manage to take off a little weight. I have no complaints with my current weight but if I continue to put it on like I have recently I will be like the back of a bus or a hippopotamus in a couple of years.

Even the garden is bursting out all over. My native plants are still giving lots of colour; the bulbs are joyfully welcoming spring, the Camellias are giving a wonderful display and Daphne is scenting the garden for me.

For many years after moving to Acton we had a breeding pair of frogmouths on our property. The male arrives first and makes a very low almost droning cooing noise then the female joins him. They are difficult to see against the gum tree branches and sit so close together that it takes a while to make out that there are two of them. We had young ones consistently for over 30 years, mostly two but sometimes only one. Then after some drought years we did not see any for about 3 years. This year we were delighted to see the pair back. Unfortunately there are no babies. I can only assume that after dry weather there are not enough small mammals and insects to feed them enough to raise offspring. We are keeping our fingers crossed for next year. I find them such fascinating birds

We do have our first currawong in the garden this week. Seeing them close on the ground rather than in a tree I realize how big they are and what a ferocious beak.

I am quite pleased with myself. I have planted my spring pinkeye potatoes this year. Perhaps it is not too late to start another strawberry bed. The garden cycle is so comforting. As the seasons come and go it gives me a lift and reminds me that I am a small but relevant part of a much larger whole.

I don’t bother with spring cleaning I only have to do it all again next year. (Maxine)

PTO for News

Supreme Opportunity

Tour of the Supreme Court

Sunday 28th October 2018 9.30 to 12 noon

Every year the Australian Institute of Architects arranges, with the owners of interesting buildings, for access to be given to the public. For the last few years the Supreme Court of Tasmania has opened its buildings in Salamanca Place and allowed conducted tours.  Traditionally the tours have been hosted by the Chief Justice or a Supreme Court Judge who provides information and answers questions regarding the Court. Peter Partridge, the architect of the complex, talks about the buildings’ design. 

We are very fortunate in that Peter is a member of our U3A and has arranged a tour on Sunday 28 October exclusively for U3A Clarence. As the tour will visit all parts of the buildings, pre-registration together with wearing our name badges is a requirement.

Security and access has been arranged from 9.30am until noon.

No name badge no entry. If you need a replacement lanyard and membership name badge please give Secretary Sue Storr (or me) an envelope with your name on it and $5.

The tour is free and numbers are limited. Attendees will be on their feet for the whole of the 2 hours and will need to cope with stairs. We will meet in the entry foyer of the Civil Court Building and the tour will start at 10.00am. There will be a list for interested members on the Board in room 6.

Anniversary booklet $10

Our 25th Anniversary commemorative booklet “In Celebration of Silver: U3A Clarence Turns 25” will be launched at our special event on 4 October at Blundstone Arena. It comprises a delightful variety of member prose, poetry and photographs. Pre-ordered copies that have been paid for will be available for collection immediately after the launch.

Any remaining copies will be sold on U3A days during the remainder of Term 3. If you want to be assured of your copy or copies, please place your order on the sheets on the U3A noticeboard.

Why not purchase extra copies? They would make lovely gifts for family or friends. The price is $10:00 per booklet, but we are offering a special deal for members who pre-order and pre-pay: buy two for $17:00 or three for $25:00. Of course this offer also applies to those who have already pre-ordered and paid for their copies.

To order your booklet please use put your name on the list on the notice board in room 6

Payments should be placed in an envelope with your name and number of copies on the front, and the envelope should then be dropped into the Silver Anniversary box on the table in the morning tea room.

Electronic payments may be made as usual. Account name : University of the Third Age – Clarence Inc. BSB : 06 7103 (CBA Rosny Park) Account number : 059047 Reference : Member’s first name and surname and the word booklet

Christmas luncheon Our Christmas luncheon will be held on Monday 26th November at the Howrah Recreational Centre. More details later.

AGM on Wednesday 20 February. More details later.