Welcome back to our Summer Term 2018

U3A Clarence has been providing quality lectures and other activities to Clarence residents and beyond since 1993.  This year we celebrate our 25th anniversary in October.

I wonder if the small group who initiated our organisation realised how successful it would be and that it would grow to well over 300 members. Truly from small things large things grow (to coin a phrase!).

On the theme of growing, it is apparently possible to grow new brain cell whatever age we are.  Learning something new or enjoying new activities is apparently all it takes.

This is just as well.  I seem to have lost quite a few as I can tell from the time I spend wandering from room to room looking for something I have just put down.

So while we are sitting in lectures, learning new routines in line dancing, scheming new strategies in Mah Jong or drawing a new scene we can perhaps, if we try really hard, feel our brains expanding.  I doubt it but it is an amusing thought.

Information about current activities and courses for this term can be found in the Newsletter on this website.  Once again our course programmer, Carol Rossendell and our volunteer Tutors have provided an exciting program. My only difficulty is that there is almost always more than one lecture or event, which I would like to attend, at the same time spot.  It requires much brain cell activity on my part to choose one.

You may just take one activity each term or three on each morning of Monday and Wednesday. It is entirely up to you depending, upon your interest and available time.

Another aspect of a healthy brain at any age is to have a good social circle. We join together at 10.30 am for a cup of tea or coffee in room 6 at the library where lectures are held. Here we can discus ideas raised in our lectures or just chat with old or new friends.  I look forward to seeing you there

I welcome both continuing and new members

Jocelyn Head
President U3A Clarence