President's Message

President’s Message May 2018


A helping hand

Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. Babies, of course, need constant care. As we grow we pride ourselves on our competence and independence but still help is welcomed at times (including old ladies being helped across the street by boy scouts, even if they don’t want to go!)

There is an Arab saying to the following effect: “Do not thank me for the assistance or gift I give you, instead do a favour for 7 other people.” The size of the assistance is immaterial; it is expected to be in line with the resources of the giver and the need of the recipient. Thus it may be a pat on the back for commiseration, helping carry a parcel or a major undertaking on the assister’s behalf. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we could all follow this proverb?

Members of U3A contribute to our organisation as members or past members of the committee, part of the set up crew, washer uppers and morning tea volunteers and in many other ways. This year we seem to have a small army of people helping with the anniversary celebrations in some way or another.

Many of our members also volunteer for charitable organisations or are on committees for other organisations. Of course many of us care for older or sick family members. We often assist our children to bring up our grandchildren and give them our support where possible.

Sometimes all the help needed is a sympathetic smile, a listening ear, a hug or offering the help we are able to give. We respect their refusal of help accepting that this may not be what is needed.

The good wishes of friends and acquaintances can be a good support. When I was ill last year our Committee did most of my work for months. But I was surprised by the boost that the good wishes of all of you made to my getting through the days.

I joined U3A for the lectures and activities and still that is the prime reason I attend, but I am proud to be a colleague of such caring and helpful people as we have in our membership.

Jocelyn Head

Honorary President of U3A Clarence

President’s Message February 2018


Welcome back to our Summer Term 2018

U3A Clarence has been providing quality lectures and other activities to Clarence residents and beyond since 1993.  This year we celebrate our 25th anniversary in October.

I wonder if the small group who initiated our organisation realised how successful it would be and that it would grow to well over 300 members. Truly from small things large things grow (to coin a phrase!).

On the theme of growing, it is apparently possible to grow new brain cell whatever age we are.  Learning something new or enjoying new activities is apparently all it takes.

This is just as well.  I seem to have lost quite a few as I can tell from the time I spend wandering from room to room looking for something I have just put down.

So while we are sitting in lectures, learning new routines in line dancing, scheming new strategies in Mah Jong or drawing a new scene we can perhaps, if we try really hard, feel our brains expanding.  I doubt it but it is an amusing thought.

Information about current activities and courses for this term can be found in the Newsletter on this website.  Once again our course programmer, Carol Rossendell and our volunteer Tutors have provided an exciting program. My only difficulty is that there is almost always more than one lecture or event, which I would like to attend, at the same time spot.  It requires much brain cell activity on my part to choose one.

You may just take one activity each term or three on each morning of Monday and Wednesday. It is entirely up to you depending, upon your interest and available time.

Another aspect of a healthy brain at any age is to have a good social circle. We join together at 10.30 am for a cup of tea or coffee in room 6 at the library where lectures are held. Here we can discus ideas raised in our lectures or just chat with old or new friends.  I look forward to seeing you there

I welcome both continuing and new members

Jocelyn Head
President U3A Clarence

President’s Message September 2017


Welcome back to our Spring Term 2017

We are starting our spring program. As well as our usual activities some members will be heading to Shene and others look forward to tours of TMAG.

At the end of the term we will be celebrating our Christmas Luncheon on Monday 27th November.

I often find it amusing that I can still be surprised by the variations in the weather and deceived by one warm day into thinking winter has finished. Saturday 2 September was a lovely warm and sunny day and we had morning tea sitting on a friend’s porch. The rest of the week brought me back to winter. As Charles Dickens said in Great Expectations: “spring is the time of year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade”.

Spring cleaning is best left until next year when it will again be considered. I have always avoided herculean efforts to clean the whole house in one burst.

Ah, but spring in the garden is a different matter! Daffodils, hyacinths, flowering rosemary and magnolias lift our spirits. Annuals planted adjoining the Clarence Council Chambers and the verges around the Hobart Roundabout give a lovely splash of colour. I appreciate them because my resident wallabies and rabbits just think I plant annuals as their spring greens.

We have been fortunate to be visited by over two dozen Black Mountain Yellow Tailed Cockatoos recently. We used to see them occasionally in twos or threes and only in the coldest winter weather. They are very partial to Banksia cones; they eat the seeds from the cones but also, for some reason, cut off the last couple of feet from the branches. Admittedly I intended to prune the Banksia this year but they have reduced an eight foot high shrub to a six foot straggly mess. The other tragedy is that they have eaten all the flower buds on the adjacent magnolia which previously bloomed every year since planted by my sister in 1977.

In addition the rosellas eat the buds on my flowering cherry. So we will have little in the way of spring blooms this year. It is just as well that I have a sense of humour.

We are lucky with our birds, not only these big cockatoos and rosellas, but also butcher birds, magpies, native hens, plovers, sulphur crested cockatoos, galahs and the charming native noisy miners. These are like a tribe of jealous fish wives constantly trying to ward off intruders and claim the garden for their own.

The harm they do to my plans for the garden is offset by the delight of their company.

Hoping you find much to enjoy in our program this term and, hopefully, some warm weather.

Jocelyn Head
President U3A Clarence

President’s Message August 2017


Update to Members – August 2017

The original concept of U3A was to extend the intellectual learning life of older individuals.  U3A Clarence does indeed provide intellectual stimulation with a varied program of lectures.

There are no defined age requirements but is usually for those 50 to 55 and older.  All are welcome regardless of interests and backgrounds.

Like other universities we also enjoy social activities, art and physical exercise sessions. Unlike universities for the young there are no exams.  Nor are there any competitive components, except perhaps in Mah-jong.  We get together to exercise our minds and bodies at entirely our own pace, just cooperation, enjoyment and mutual support.

Our varied activities cover lectures and discussion groups on geography, science, history, art and issues of topical interest.

For our physical wellbeing we have Tai Chi, line dancing and art and language courses.

As we enter spring and the days grow longer it is easier to take part in the activities of U3A Clarence.

Our autumn program is now available and is as varied as usual.  I am sure there is something of interest for both long term members and newcomers.

New members receive a warm and comfortable welcome.  You may choose to simply attend the sessions you are interested in.  But we hope you will join us for morning tea.

This term we look forward to a trip to Shene House for 5 October.  We will also be visiting the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) for a talk by their staff.  Finally we are looking forward to our end of year Christmas luncheon on 27 November.

So enrol in classes for stimulation and join us in meeting like-minded people in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Jocelyn Head

Update to Members first term 2017


Update to Members first term 2017

Well first term is over and it’s true to say that it’s been challenging one for you new Committee. Unfortunately Jocelyn our President had a lengthy spell in hospital and on your behalf I wish her a speedy recovery. We also have had a number of resignations for various reasons .  A copy of the current Committee structure is attached here.

However we have a group of new enthusiastic Committee Members who together with some experienced members have met the challenges that 2017 has presented us with. Find out more about your committee members by checking out their bios on our website.

I hope you all enjoyed Term 1 We offered a mix of established programs and some new ones. I particularly enjoyed the Discussion Group sessions which were well facilitated by Carol Rossendell, We certainly covered some diverse subjects and I found it stimulating to hear fellow member’s views on different topics.

We welcomed a number of new members to U3A Clarence in first term and to those people we hope you not only enjoyed the Program but found us friendly and welcoming

The Program for Term two is out now and looks to be a very interesting mix to suit all tastes. It’s now over to you to make your selections and send in your enrolment.

In Term two we are planning a fun filled Trivia afternoon on Thurs July 20 to be held at the Howrah Recreation Centre (see attached flyer) Please come along and support this function, Even if you not a trivia expert you will enjoy the social side of things and of course the afternoon tea

Finally a thank you to my fellow committee members, to all our dedicated Tutors and class representatives, to the set up crews for all their early morning work, to the dedicated morning tea group and to you the members for your ongoing support.
Looking forward to seeing you in term 2

Chris Bishop
Vice President

January 2017

Jane HallPresident’s Message



Happy New Year to all our visitors to this site.   May 2017 bring joy and good health to all.

This will be my final message for our web site. In February I hand over the reins to a new President who will, I am certain, carry U3A Clarence onto newer and better heights.

As always I encourage you to peruse our program and if you are not already a member please give serious consideration to coming along and joining us. We offer something to feed the mind and the body and the social butterfly inside. I believe strongly that we are meeting the needs of almost everyone and our only criterion for joining is retirement or semi-retirement from the work force. There is no age limit, though most of our programs are aimed at the over 50s and our annual membership fee is very reasonable at $45 per annum.

Also, despite our title, there are no academic criteria to meet for joining nor are there any tests, assessments or exams. This is learning for the sake of learning! It is designed to be enjoyable and interactive.

Coming up we have an Enrolment session on February 15th between 10 and 12, you can register and pay your membership fee at the same time if you want.

Then on Wednesday February 22nd between 1.30 and 3.30 we are holding our A.G.M., offering afternoon tea and having a guest speaker.

This year I have invited Chris Downs, Cartoonist to come along and talk with us. I gave him a broad theme of “the development of a political cartoon”. I am looking forward to hearing Chris.

I want to thank every member of U3A Clarence for the support I have had over the last three years as your President. I feel honoured to have filled the role and I believe I am leaving a strong organisation for the next President.

Kind Regards

Jane Hall

January 2017

November 2016

Jane HallPresident’s Message


This, my final term as President of U3A Clarence, has presented a very mixed bag of events.

Sadly, many of us joined the sick lists, either because of acute illness or because of surgery. I am discovering that the older we get the more replacement parts we seem to need, be they heart valves, blood vessels or joints. I am sincerely wishing all the best for future health for all those who have been ill this term.

As occasionally happens, we are losing a couple of highly respected and valued members as they move to live in warmer climes “overseas”. They leave us at the end of our term, hopefully we won’t lose touch with them.

As usually happens, we are gaining so many new and enthusiastic new members. This means we continue to be a large and happy ‘family’ of people all devoted to the idea of learning something new – whether it be intellectual or practical – and to making new friends, leading a fulfilling and full life in other words.

I look at our programs and the planning already underway for next year and I am reassured that we continue to offer something to meet the needs of a very broad range of people.

My thanks for the smooth running of our group must, as usual go to the very supportive Committee members, to our set up and clean up crews who prepare the rooms for classes and put them back when we are done, to our morning tea ladies who ensure a hot drink and a nibble is there for all to enjoy in a very sociable environment and to our tutors who continue to present very high standard classes.

Please look through our site, look at what we offer, follow the registration and enrolment instructions and come and join us next year. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Jane Hall



August 2016

Jane HallPresident’s Message

I sit here thinking about my message for the end of Term 2 and it dawns on me that I have written some sort of message for this spot several times over the past two and a half years!
I always wonder how I manage to find the words to express what the essence of U3A is, how I manage to express my admiration for all those wonderful people who help keep us functioning.
Perhaps the essence IS those wonderful people who give so freely to our organisation, people like our set-up and clean-up crews, our tutors, the people who organise morning tea and our tireless Committee members.
Perhaps the essence is the members themselves and the friendships and bonds they form. The caring for each other demonstrated in word and deed, the enthusiasm with which they attend classes.
Perhaps it is our ability to find such a wide range of topics and tutors to present them.
Perhaps it is a combination of all the above?
Whatever it is I am reassured that ours is a friendly and welcoming group of people who will work hard to make any new member feel like they belong from day one.
If you peruse our site, check our courses, like what you see then please feel free to come along for a visit, if you are still happy with what we offer then join us – I guarantee you won’t regret doing so!
Jane Hall



May 2016

Jane HallPresident’s Message

Well, another term is nearly over and it has all run to plan.

I really am impressed by the amount of time and energy is devoted by a few people to keep U3A running as smoothly as it does.

As always my thanks go to the Set-up Crews, the Morning Tea Managers, the Clean-up Crews, the Tutors and all the Committee Members who take on tasks such as Program Development, Registration and Enrolments and Social Activities.

By having such dedicated people we are able to truly meet the needs of our members.

This year I have again introduced something new and have added to the repertoire on this web site. This is a weekly Blog or bulletin/newsletter which is designed to keep anyone using our site informed on a fairly regular basis. Most of the changes I have introduced have been “digital” which fits with preparing U3A for the influx of Baby Boomers as they retire from work.

For anyone who looks at our web site as a non-member please feel free to look around, come along and sample a class or two before making the commitment to join. I feel confident we will have something you are interested in on offer.

Our winter term will soon be on us and so our numbers will be temporarily depleted as several members fly off to warmer climates! I must say I love our seasons (all of them) and I am quite happy staying put! Travel for me is simply reaching a destination in order to visit family interstate or overseas.

Please peruse our site, read some stories, look at some photographs, read our newsletters but above all, consider joining us in person.


Jane Hall



January 2016

Jane HallMay I start by wishing all of you a very happy and prosperous 2016.

It is hard to accept that yet another year has rushed by. Isn’t it strange how much faster time passes as we get older?

I do like to think, though that a new year brings with it another 365 – or 366 this year – days to brighten someone else’s day with a smile, a cheerful word, a simple gesture. I do try to live with that as a part of my philosophy.

For the visitor to this site we have past and upcoming programs, as well as samples of the writings from the writers and poets groups.

We recognise the need for us to maintain activity in all aspects of our lives and as such we offer courses which stimulate the inner artist, the singers among us, those who aspire to “Poets’ corner”, the light of foot, the game playing part of our natures as well as the unfulfilled scientist, historian or other intellectual selves.

Look around the site, check us out and then come along and join us.

We welcome visitors who just want to meet us and find out what we are all about so do come along one day and introduce yourself, ask to meet a committee member, ask questions, maybe sit in on a class just to get an idea of what we are all about. No obligation or cost attached to such a visit.

I look forward to seeing members old and new in March.

Jane Hall