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President's Newsletter

President's Message August 2023

Two thirds of the year 2023 have finished.  I hope you have been able to meet new people at U3A and learnt new information about the topics you chose to do.

Wonderful News: Our president John Bothman has stated that he hopes to return to U3A in Term three. Welcome back, John. We all wish you a pleasant and rewarding time at U3A.

The class sessions for Term three are in this newsletter. However, Vicki Paterson, our tireless course coordinator is looking for members and/or other capable people to run some programs during all of next year. If you feel you would like to present a class or more, please advise Vicki who is always at morning tea. I remind you that we have a series of The Great Courses which are designed by experts in the field. Each of these are presented as 24 half hour sessions with a guide book and a group of discs to accompany each course.  You do not need to follow the course as presented but they can provide you with information to use and help you to make the course your own. As well we have U3A Online courses available to adapt.

Thank you to all of the members who presented programs during Term two. To all of those who assisted to set up in the mornings and helped with washing up at morning tea time, thank you. A special thank you to the committee members who have helped make U3A the worthwhile activity it is.

I wish you a great and rewarding Term 3 at U3A.

Helen Lucas

Vice President

U3A Clarence

Clarence City Council
We'd like to thank Clarence City Council for their support via a Community Support Grant.