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President's Newsletter

November 2013

Mickey BenefieldLooking back over the past 3 terms of 2013, I have to think That Was The Year That Was. The major highlight had to be the 20th Anniversary Party and the hugely successful panel discussion on The Value of Lifelong Learning. Congratulations to Rowena McKean and Margaret Rose, along with everyone that assisted in making that such an outstanding event.
There were innovations. We implemented the U3A Course Information day for terms two and three, which will be repeated next year and new access times were imposed by LINC and must be adhered to.
Much hard work was done by the Committee: Terry Mahoney, Sue Storr, Pat Jeffery, Graham Lindridge, Maureen Davoren, Joan Evershed, Keith Hoey and Lesley Thomson our Program Officer. New members Jan Greig, Jane Hall, and Helen Lawrence lost no time in making major contributions. I wouldn't have survived without the aid of John Coll.
We are also indebted to Frank Brown, John Hooper, John Olding, Colin Pyefinch, Launa Turner, Julie Bullen, Esma Woolley, Joan Carr, Peter Stevenson and Barry Turner for their 'non-committee' help, and for setting up each day (40 tables, 200+ chairs, 5 computers and morning tea). There are more names that deserve recognition, but not enough space.
Now for The Year That Will Be, 2014.

Classes will start on Wednesday, 12th March 2014, with a very full program of courses to choose from for Term 1.

Please attend the Annual General Meeting at 10.30 am on Thursday, February 27, 2014. Put it in your diary. We urge more of you to become involved in Committee Membership to ensure continuity and good leadership of our U3A into the future.

A few of the old hands will be happy to pass over the reins during the next twelve months.

Annual fees remain unchanged for 2014 and we will be relying more and more on Email to distribute newsletters and other notices of importance to those who have access. I am looking forward to seeing you at the Christmas Luncheon on 26th November.

If you are unable to attend, have a most enjoyable and safe time over the holiday break.

Mickey Benefiel,



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