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President's Newsletter

President's Update April 2021

Morning Tea at Alma’s

This Friday we will get together at Alma’s for morning tea. This will enable members to meet again in a social setting. If it proves successful we will arrange 2 more similar events at Alma’s before they close down for an extended period in July for a major renovation. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that by the middle of the year that we can again resume our traditional morning tea in room 6 of the library.

Term 2 Enrolments

Carol has been working hard to complete a comprehensive Term 2 Program. Full details will be available in the Newsletter at end of term 1. At this stage it looks like enrolments for the Term 2 classes will open on Friday 28th May.

Celebration of Silver, U3A Clarence Turns 25

Our best-selling anniversary book has caught the eye of the State Library. They have requested 2 copies.

State Elections

With the State Elections looming upon us, contact your local candidates to ensure they consider the unique requirements of retired seniors who have not yet opted for retirement villages and nursing homes. They need to be made aware that 1.6 million Australians over the age of 65 live alone. Organisations like our U3A Clarence helps seniors to ward off depression and loneliness and encourages social interaction. It would be a great step forward if the next government gives an equal consideration to seniors as it does to sports.

The Future of our Committee

Your committee is aging and a few members will be retiring at the end of this year. This is an opportunity for you step up and introduce some new blood and ideas to the committee. It is a while before the next AGM, but if you feel that you can help U3A Clarence go forward into the future, please consider nominating for a position on our next committee.

Len Spaans 

President, U3A Clarence

Clarence City Council
We'd like to thank Clarence City Council for their support via a Community Support Grant.