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Join some of the classes below and get involved in some fantastic topics that will have your mind buzzing.   From the science of our bodies and the psychology of the mind through to the science of everything around us.


Courses Currently on Offer



A history of the human use of boats and boating including the science of floating and boat design. This is a relaxed yarn into the benefits, uses and perils of our use of the sea.

Landforms of the Earth Pt II - ALBERT GOEDE

Have you ever wondered why the Earth is shaped the way it is? In this second part of the course, we will be looking at the role of water as a fluid and in the form of ice, the effects of frost and the effects of water on soluble rocks. Part 1 of the course is not a prerequisite.


Five illustrated talks on each of the five main sub-specialities in pathology and their importance in diagnostic medicine. If time permits, it may include some veterinary and forensic pathology. Ample opportunity for Q&A.

Thanks for the Memories - CAROL ROSSENDELL

Have you ever found yourself searching the house for your glasses, only to discover them on your head, or can’t remember the name of someone you’ve known well for forty years, or are talking with someone and in the conversation a word you need just eludes you? Come along and discover all about memory – what is it? where is it located? how does it work? how does it fail? what leads to its failure? how can we prevent or reduce that failure?

The Meaning of Things - STEVE TOLBERT

A look at philosopher and prolific writer A. C. Grayling’s take on 75 meaning-rich words e.g. tolerance, happiness, nationalism, capitalism, death, art and so many more. Open discussion will be encouraged.

The Transmission of Secrets - DAVID LEAMAN

This course provides a history of the use of codes and ciphers from ancient Greece to the present day. There are many messages for us today, so learn about what works and what does not, and why. Security comes with a cost but history reveals that cutting corners, or assuming your method is secure has never been a good approach.


An ongoing course that follows breaking news on discoveries from astronomy and cosmology. This is combined with deep space images as well as near Earth orbit images.

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