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Members Access to Course List
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Statement of Purpose

U3A – Clarence Inc is an autonomous, volunteer-based non-profit organisation formed for the purpose of offering shared learning experiences that contribute to the third age component of life-long learning. It was founded in 1993 for retired and semi-retired people and while there are no age limits, it attracts the over 50s.

The organisational purpose is achieved by:

  • organising and maintaining a co-operative learning community;
  • encouraging the pursuit of learning without reference to entry qualifications, assessments or awards; and
  • encouraging members to actively contribute to the organisation’s activities with a view to enhancing personal development and physical and mental wellbeing.
The purpose of the organisation is supported by a culture that:
  • recognises the diverse experience of its members and organises programs as wide as the resources of its members permit;
  • encourages a lively learning atmosphere offering a wide range of subjects reflecting the interests of members;
  • recognises the importance of social and cultural interchange in a friendly and open environment;
  • encourages and supports initiatives developed by members.

The system used for the administration of our members is designed to support the organisational purpose and works largely in the background. It is based on established business practices and ensures that the necessary services are delivered in a manner which meet or exceed the expectations of members. A Committee of Management is responsible for the governance of the organisation and meets 10 times each year. Committee members are always available to answer questions and assist members in any way they are able.
Clarence City Council
We'd like to thank Clarence City Council for their support via a Community Support Grant.