Membership and Courses

Our courses are provided by voluntary tutors and are delivered annually in three terms of ten weeks. Each course is delivered weekly on a Monday or Wednesday morning at Rosny Library.

The courses are reserved for members who have subscribed for the current year’s membership.

If you wish to join us, please read on to the end of this page and then fill in the membership application form here.

Our privacy policy explains how we protect your personal information and you can read it here.

If you are an existing member, you may renew your subscription using the same form here and include any changes to your information.

Once you have made your application and your payment has been received, you will be advised that your membership is current. You will then be welcome to enrol for the courses of your choice.

The current courses and their timetable are listed here. To enrol for your choices, click here where you will see the timetable and can fill in a form with your selection.

That form will go to our enrolment secretary who will confirm that places are available. You will automatically receive a confirmatory reply by email.

If you are a new member you will receive a membership name badge and lanyard and our Welcoming Brochure by mail.

If you need advice or more information before making your decisions, come along to a meeting on one of the days that will be advised, when enrolments will be made on the spot.

If you have not participated in one of our courses before and would like to know more before committing to an annual subscription, come along to a session and make yourself known to a Committee Member. We are easily recognised as we all wear buff coloured name badges.