The Brain Train

"All aboard," the Station Master called,
"There's room for all in need."

So young and old they climbed aboard,
Their tickets in their hand,
Each one tired and weary
They looked a sorry band.

The seats filled up, the whistle blew,
The train it gathered speed.
This journey was a special one
For those passengers in need.

The Ticket Master came around,
His puncher at the ready.
"Now everyone please keep your seats,
The train's a bit unsteady.

Some of you know where you're going,
You've been this way before!
But until you've learned your lesson
You'll be stuck in a revolving door.

"Now everyone with the colour red
You'll be the last to leave the carriage.
You knew the rules; You broke the rules;
Now you're carrying too much baggage.

The amber tickets they come next,
You know you've gone astray,
The Amber flashed a warning
That you choose to disobey.

Will you never learn the lesson
That stares you in the face?
That the Brain's a well-oiled organ,
Boss of the human race!

But unless you treat it nicely
With care and due respect,
You'll be back on board the Brain Train,
The one we call Break-down Express.

Now, I'm talking to you travellers
With green tickets in your hand,
You'll be wondering what you're doing here? –
That, I can understand.

We have to keep you up to date,
And supply you with the data
To make sure you follow all the rules
And do all the things that matter.

So please heed all the warnings,
All the little signs
And maybe take some action
To protect your precious minds.

For we only get one chance you know
So let every moment count,
Or you will be back; I know you will
Of that there is no doubt.

The lesson you will learn my friends,
Before your journey's end,
Is to recognise the symptoms
Before they send you round the bend.

So sit back and take it easy,
Your welfare's in our hands
The Brain Train's on a joumey
To Good Mental Health Island."