Writers Workshop

We like to write!

Maybe some of our efforts will get published, as has already happened with a few, but our pleasure is to write and share those writings with our friends, much as a sportsperson enjoys a round of golf or a set of tennis with no dreams of playing a Masters or the courts of Wimbledon or Roland Garros.

In a friendly, helpful environment, we meet to share and discuss our stories, anecdotes and poems.  When members are challenged to write on a set topic the responses are always fascinating and surprising in their diversity.

Each week of term, members read their latest creations.  Not only do we enjoy each others' stories but, rather than that they be heard once only and then be cast to oblivion, some examples of our writings have been saved and can be found here.

Each item was chosen by its author. Now others can read them and, as everyone has a story to tell, perhaps our stories and poems will inspire others to write theirs.

Click on a year to see a great selection of our writings

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